Imagine being immersed in a wealth of talent and expertise at the heart of biotechnological innovation


Imagine being immersed in a wealth of talent and expertise at the heart of biotechnological innovation

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Leiden Bio Science Park

The Leiden Region — the largest and fastest-growing Life Sciences & Health cluster in the Netherlands

Elevate your bioscience vision in Leiden’s thriving ecosystem at the Leiden Bio Science Park: a melting pot of academic brilliance, cutting-edge research, and commercial expertise, offering unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Leiden Bio Science Park covers 110 hectares of innovation, ideally situated at the crossroads of progress — between Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. This prime location is more than a hub for bioscience innovation; it’s also a gateway to global connectivity, being just moments from Schiphol International Airport. At this nexus of accessibility and innovation, your business can thrive amid the best of Dutch ingenuity and a global network that is merely a stone’s throw away.

Multimodally accessible

Amsterdam: Approx. 40 min.
Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport: Approx. 40 min.
Den Haag: Approx. 20 min.
Rotterdam: Approx. 50 min.

Schiphol Airport
Den Haag

Discover the pulse of biotech innovation at Leiden Bio Science Park

The Power of Partnership

At Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP), the union of innovative minds breeds success. Allied organizations come together, forging partnerships that close the gap between entrepreneurial spirit, academic excellence, and public initiative. It is LBSP’s collaborative framework that ensures each step is directed towards a future where the community grows and thrives globally.

Shared Specialized Facilities

Leiden Bio Science Park stands as a beacon of innovation, offering shared access to specialized research facilities. These include centers for pioneering biological studies, cell therapy, and state-of-the-art imaging labs, providing the essential tools for scientific advancement.”

Discover more about the full range of facilities here


Educational and research institutions in the direct region, including Leiden University, the Leiden University Medical Centre, and Hogeschool Leiden, provide a comprehensive suite of educational programs. These range from university degrees to vocational and postgraduate studies, with specializations in fields spanning from biomedical sciences to bioinformatics.

Learn more about our research and educational institutions.

Collective commitment

At Leiden Bio Science Park, the community’s progress is propelled by the collective exploration of new ideas and the free exchange of knowledge. The triumphs of our collaborative efforts, recognized internationally, underscore the power of cross-disciplinary partnerships in driving innovation. To innovate is indeed to collaborate.

Explore LBSP collaboration and partnerships.

The Complete Workspace Experience

Leiden Bio Science Park is committed to nurturing the mental and physical well-being of employees.

Everything your team needs is within reach: from shared workspaces and top-notch presentation facilities to vibrant options for meals and leisure—all designed to invigorate and facilitate.

Leiden Bio Science Park: A Thriving Hub for Biotech Pioneers

Direct Access to Talent

The proximity to a rich talent pool at Leiden Bio Science Park enables companies to expedite their research and manufacturing processes. It enhances the synergy between universities and industry, ensuring that bioscience graduates find market opportunities that align with their academic journeys. This synergy guarantees that businesses are staffed with employees who meet their immediate needs and are poised to fulfill future ambitions.

Where Access Meets Ease

With direct access from the A44 motorway, proximity to Leiden Central Station, and closeness to Schiphol Airport, Leiden Bio Science Park offers unparalleled accessibility for both employees and visitors.

Events Designed to Inspire and Develop Ideas

With a full calendar of congresses, conferences, and educational seminars, Leiden Bio Science Park fosters dynamic opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange within its community of companies, researchers, and students.

Discover inspiring events

The historic city of Leiden not only hosts the oldest university in the Netherlands but also shares a unique twinning with the prestigious Oxford.

Leiden Bio Science Park is just a short walk away from the historic heart of Leiden city.

Beyond the realm of Life Sciences, Leiden Bio Science Park also channels its expertise into the sectors of Biodiversity and Space.

Construction at Leiden Bio Science Park embraces a nature-inclusive standard, ensuring new developments harmonize with the environment.

Leiden Bio Science Park is an educational hub, with over 18,000 students enrolled in its study programs.

The historic city of Leiden not only hosts the oldest university in the Netherlands but also shares a unique twinning with the prestigious Oxford.

Introducing genesis

Introducing Genesis — The Gateway to Endless Possibilities

Imagine a workplace that evolves with your business needs, tailored for both single and multi-tenant arrangements. Genesis stands as a beacon of versatility and innovation.

Dive into a realm where every corner is crafted for productivity and collaboration, offering a unique opportunity to redefine your professional space. At the heart of Genesis’s design is connectivity, showcased by its open, transparent structure with a large, green atrium. This central space efficiently links all floors, facilitating diverse meetings and interactions. 

The atrium is bathed in natural light streaming through a glazed roof, while lush greenery and fine acoustics combine to create a distinctive ambiance. On the ground floor, a welcoming reception and casual meeting area provide the perfect setting for employee and visitor interactions. The atrium, with its impressive green staircase, leads visitors to the building’s core.


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